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There is quite a bit of Information for genealogists on this site - it is best accessed using the search feature above.  Note that I have almost zero additional information - it is all on the web site.  If you contact me, I will be polite but I don’t have any additional information. The best additional source of info for researchers is at the Cobourg Library where they have a local history room stocked with many historical books and documents. They do have some photos on-line but not much more - you need to visit.


C46ELike any town, Cobourg has its share of stories -  things that happened that people remember and tell stories about.

The hanging of Billy King, the day the plane (crash) landed in Cobourg, the story of James Calcutt and the connection of HMCS Skeena to Cobourg.

Additional stories are welcome!


John R. Taylor was the Director of the Restoration of Victoria Hall from 1971 to 1975.  He has made a video of the story of the building of Victoria Hall and the Cobourg Peterborough Railway.  You can see that video below.

There is no airport in Cobourg and there never has been - yet on Dec 20, 1951 a passenger plane landed in Cobourg.  Quite a story.  First a summary then a first hand account of the event.

The James Calcutt Story and other mysteries - From CDCI West History Department

A story of Love, Passion and Poison - By Paul Dalby. It was a day in Cobourg's history that no one would ever forget.

This is the story of the original HMCS Skeena - by Lieutenant (Navy) Chris Barker, CD.

The Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps #116, Skeena - serving Cobourg, Port Hope and Northumberland - is based in Port Hope at the Skeena Building on Mill street.